july 21st, 2014

so saturday was chris’ birthday and a bunch of us went out to dimsum (chris’ first dimsum awww) and then hyunjae and i spent two hours driving around downtown then on the super scenic parkway and it was beautiful and i had to hold myself down from jumping out of the car and running around in the fields of flowers

yesterday, i got new glasses and spent 45+ mins trying to stick a contact in my right eye. i also shared poutine with my sister, got some more dorm room/uni things, and did a shit ton of laundry. but my glasses make me feel cute so it’s ok

13 days until my family’s cruise, 12 days until we fly down to beautiful, glorious miami, florida. 

things haven’t been too bad lately. 



Here’s a full spectrum of pretty things. Structure Minerals collected these specimens for you to have, hold and ogle.
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